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Let me tell you our story...

By 1999 began the journey of TECRO. It seems like it was yesterday when my brother and I decided to start our own way, a project that could contribute something or improve the space utilization. In the beginning, we spent a couple of years as fitters, installing for several manufacturers of storage systems, learning from each of them, trying to gather all their advantages and drawbacks.

Tecro One: Finally, we made the decision to design a new product, a product that would allow to optimize the use of space in a versatile, simple, modern and naturally legal way.

In 2017, we patented TECRO ONE in Spain. Nowadays, we keep on manufacturing TECRO ONE for much of Europe. But even after that, we wanted to take a step further in our eagerness to optimize the use of space in all areas. And we started to work on the idea of a mezzanine which would be adapted to the space. I still remember the skeptical voices warning us of the futility of the attempt. But our perseverance, our environmental knowledge and an extraordinary human team led us to achieve this.

Tecrostar: TECROSTAR was born in 2008, firstly as an alternative product to which we couldn´t devote a lot of time due to the big success of TECRO ONE and to the consumption of resources and time that it implied. And the Europe´s economic crisis arrives. The building works decreases and, consequently, the demand for our products declined too. Something had to be done, whatever needed to go ahead. At that time, we had committed a stand for an international fair in the sector, thought we didn´t believe that with TECRO ONE we could go far, as was the market at that time. The time had come to expose our TECROSTAR prototype. And so we did my brother and I. We decided to stay in person to serve that stand without too much hope of success.

And the surprise came! In spite of the little public that attended the event, we were visited by many curious people, some engineers, architects, etc. Among them, there were people who could buy our product and distribute it. And from there on started the way in which we are right now. After a several-kilometer journey, lots of trial and error and with an extraordinary human team, we reached this project. All this has to go through for you to know our product and decide to buy it, which fills enormously with pride to my brother and me.



Daniel & Álvaro


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